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Institutional experience and working together

  • Despina Chatzivassiliou-Tsovilis led the Secretariats of the Monitoring Committee (2008-2009) and of the Committee of Political Affairs and Democracy (2010-present);

  • she put to the benefit of the Assembly her broad knowledge of the Organisation and in particular: initiated and  promoted  the  co-operation  between  the Assembly and the Venice Commission;  developed  synergies  with the Committee of Ministers, the Commissioner for Human Rights and other monitoring bodies, and drew examples from the Court’s case-law to substantiate the political positions of rapporteurs;​

  • she initiated the practice of complementing Assembly monitoring reports with recommendations to the Committee of Ministers proposing concrete assistance and co-operation activities for the countries concerned thus linking Assembly and intergovernmental action;

  • she provided advice and guidance to the President of the Assembly as secretary to the Ad hoc Committee of the Bureau on the Role and Mission of the Assembly which, in the first half of 2018, brought together Chairpersons of all national delegations, political groups and committees and helped him reach consensus on a report summarising proposals for future Assembly action;

  • she forged close working relationships of trust with MPs, including Assembly Presidents and committees’ Chairpersons, from different political cultures and traditions, thanks to her interpersonal skills and human approach;​